Boiled Bristles

Bristles become more straight and elastic after being boiled. Enjoy better property than washed bristle when applied to making of brushes for industrial and daily use.

• Color: Black, natural white, gray
• Length: 44mm to 152mm up
• Tips:
• Black: 40% to 80%
• Gray: 40% to 80%
• White: 44mm to 152mm: 55% to 90%
• Packing: In cartons of 25kg net.

Black (White, Grey)

90% Tips

Black (White, Grey)

60-70% Tips

Black (White, Grey)

90% Tips

Black (White, Grey)

70-80% Tips

Bleached White Bristles

After the treatment of being bleached with chemical materials, the bristles become brighter and whiter. Bristles are very straight, have very well-kept original elasticity, no bacterium, no bad smell. Widely used in crafts, shaving, food, medicine brushes.

Bristles Bleached White

Bleached White Badger-Imitation Bristles

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