Goat Hair

We process goat tail hair in black, white and mixed, O#, 2#, 10# goat hair, double drawn goat hair and various dressed goat hair. It has the features of high purity, good flexibility and good luster. Suitable for making writing brushes, painting brushes and brushes for industrial use.


As other animal fine hair we process, goat hair also enjoys following technical index: clean washing, clear natural color, good brightness, smooth touch, flat tips, carefully processed, beautiful appearance, well packed, high purity, firmly dressed, etc. We strictly abide by the export standard at processing.

Goat guard hair and goat lamb guard hair are mainly for making of felt for industrial use.

Specifications of Goat Hair
Name Size Color
Dressed goat tail hair (super quality goat hair) 38--102mm up black, white, mixed
Dressed goat leg hair 25--56mm up black, white
Dressed goat whisker hair 38--127mm up black, white, mixed
Double drawn goat hair 64--152mm black, white, mixed
No.0 dressed goat hair 38--102mm black, white
No.2 dressed goat hair 38--102mm white
No.10 dressed goat hair 38--102mm up black, white
Goat hair without cashmere   white
Double and Single drawn goat hair (torch shape dressed goat hair) 64mm up black, white, mixed

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